MKM Skills Development Specialists (T/A MKM Skills) is a skills development firm based on growing the knowledge of employees to assist in growing the business.

Our focus is on:-

  • Informal small business practice
  • Merchandiser training
  • New venture creation
  • Strategy and Policy Development including the Facilitation Process 
  • Corporate Governance, Risk & Fraud 
  • Material/Content Development including Train-the-Trainer 
  • Monitoring and Evaluation 
  • Administration Skills, Clerical Skills, Secretarial Skills, End User Computing Skills 
  • Internship Management – Implementation to Graduation/Completion


Our approach ensures a more balanced, fulfilling and enriching outcomes that enhance participating individuals within the organisations. All our services use our integral model of the IQ (Intellectual Intelligence), EQ (Emotional Intelligence) and SQ (Spiritual Intelligence).

We have two options in offering our products and services.

Option 1: 
Off-the Shelf material including policies and procedures.

Option 2: 
Customised, development and designed material including policies and procedures to meet the client's requirements using the following process:-

We are passionate about imparting wisdom, knowledge and develop people as a way of transference of skills and reduction of dependency.



  • To be the service provider of choice in moving individuals and organizations to excellence for the purpose of innovative and sustainable business enterprises.


  • To offer needs driven services that will have a positive impact on human capital development and organizational sustainability.


  • Intergrity
  • Customer centric
  • Performance excellence